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These mobile sterilizers are available in three versions 72W – 144W – 216W. Destroy 99.99% of all germs, such as viruses, corona (COVID-19) etc., on materials and / or products.

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Mobile sterilizers or room disinfectants in three versions 72W – 144W – 216W. Destroy 99.99% of all germs such as viruses, corona (COVID-19), bacteria, fungi, etc. Disinfection of any space including materials and / or products present in 10 to 60 minutes.

Control by means of wireless remote control or mounted timer. Protected by movement sensors and delayed switch-on time of 90 seconds.

Comes standard with:

  • Swivel wheels with locking mechanism.
  • Simple wireless remote on / off, adjustable to 15-20-30-60-90 minutes.
  • Set of gloves, for placement or replacement of the UV-C lamps (to prevent skin grease from leaving behind, which can damage or break the lamps).
  • Warning sign, to be placed in front of the entrance to the room.


Sterilization time

Recommended sterilization time in relation to the room surface in m² (in relation to):

WattageSurface space Time
72W20m²10 minutes
72W30m²20 minutes
72W50m²30 minutes


WattageSurface spaceTime
144W30m²10 minutes
144W50m²20 minutes
144W100m²30 minutes

WattageSurface spaceTime
216W50m²10 minutes
216W100m²20 minutes
216W160m²30 minutes


  • School
  • Apartment
  • Hospital
  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Store
  • Fitness room
  • Healthcare institution



Technical specifications

Classification: germicidal short wave radiation
Lamp technology: UV-C
Number of lamps: 2/4/6
Dimensions: W-380mm D-380mm H-974mm
Weight: 10 kg
Voltage: 110-277V AC 50 / 60Hz
Wattage: 72W / 144W / 216W
Wattage lamp: 36W
UV-C output: 220-440-660 @ 254nm µW / cm² (@1m
Lamp UV-C output: 12W
Lifespan: ± 8000 hours
UV-C wavelength: 200nm-280nm (254nm peak)

Lamp type: OSRAM UV-C HNS L 36W-2G11
Beam angle: 360⁰
Power Factor:> 0.9
Delay: 90 seconds
Amps: 1A-2A-3A
Operating temperature: 26.7 ⁰C
Material: stainless steel 304
Lamp protection: wire protection
Assembly: mobile 4 wheels
Cooling: fan
Safety Kit: warning sign
Shielding: 360⁰

For more information or advice, please contact us!

CAUTION: UV-C light is harmful to eyes and skin and can cause temporary or permanent vision loss and / or temporary acute redness or ulceration.

UV-C light must be invisible during use, do not use the UV-C light equipment in a non-insulated application.

Never look directly at the UV-C light during use, inspection or assembly!

Close off the room as much as possible during use!

Before and during use, place the enclosed access warning sign

Never touch the lamp with bare hands! Use supplied gloves!

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Wattage 72W, Wattage 144W, Wattage 216W


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