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UV-C built-in unit, for installation in existing HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air-Conditioning systems), kills 99.99% of all viruses, including corona (COVID-19) when recirculated.

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Professional UV-C HVAC built-in unit made of high-quality white enamelled stainless steel, suitable for adapting existing ventilation systems that use partial recirculation, cooling in summer and heating in winter. By mounting this UV-C unit, the recirculated air is 99.99% free of all germs, such as the corona (COVID-19) virus, bacteria and fungi. Available in 36W (1 UV-C lamp and 72W (2 UV-C lamps) type UV-C L 36W-2G11. 2 year warranty on the unit with driver, 1 year warranty on the UV-C lamp.


This HVAC UV-C Built-in unit is ideal for the following areas:

  • School
  • Apartment
  • Hospital
  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Store
  • Fitness room
  • Healthcare institution





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CAUTION: UV-C light is harmful to eyes and skin and can cause temporary or permanent vision loss and / or temporary acute redness or ulceration.

UV-C light must be invisible during use, do not use the UV-C light equipment in a non-insulated application.

Never look directly at the UV-C light during inspection or assembly!

Never touch the lamp with bare hands!


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Wattage 36W, Wattage 72W


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