Elevator air purifier UV-C with GERMAGIC™ filter


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Elevator cleaner, disinfects en sterilizes 60 m³/hour
Combination UV-C and GERMAGIC™ filter
Presence detection by intelligent biometric probe
Extra option: remote maintenance and monitoring


AIR-BORN PRO, Elevator UV-C air purifier
The disinfection – sterilization solution for elevators and smaller spaces.
Creates a virus-free environment (walls and air) in every elevator or small space
Destroys 99.5% of all germs, such as viruses including the Corona virus (COVID-19).
A combination of GERMAGIC™ filter and UV-C technology, harmless to health.
Detects whether there are people in the elevator, by biometric probe.
Immediately start the sterilization process when persons enter the elevator.
Extremely suitable for elevators with high visitor peaks, simple mounting on a wall or ceiling,
The AIR-BORN PRO Lift console can be connected to the external IoT group control platform.
This allows remote maintenance, even of hundreds of items to be carried out at the same time.
The costs on manual maintenance and inspection can therefore be significantly reduced.