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The AIR-BORN UV-C mobile sterilizers are of exceptional high quality and have a very high power of 500-750W. Have been used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories for many years. Kill all germs, including the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the shortest possible time (minutes).


The passive Microwave motion sensor ensures the safety of the operating personnel. If this sensor detects movement, the UV-C sterilizer is immediately switched off.

  • Automatic lifting function when sterilization starts.
  • Reminder function for the sterilization countdown.
  • Automatic shutdown and descent when motion is detected.
  • Intelligent integrated controller, easy to operate.

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The UV-C tube is made of quartz glass, which ensures an optimal transmission of the short wave radiation. The conductor is provided with double insulation and a thick conductor, which works reliably in a humid environment also with acid and alkali, high corrosion resistance and good insulation properties. The magnetic ring is of the highest quality and can withstand very harsh conditions. All metal parts are made of 304 stainless steel, which not only withstands its own ultraviolet radiation, but also withstands long-term exposure in humid, acidic and alkaline environment.

The ballast driver is equipped with the latest electronic components, which guarantees the stability of the UV-C lamp.


Various studies into the specific influence of UV-C light have shown that it can be used to destroy 99.99% coronaviruses such as COVID-19, SARS and other germs, such as bacteria and fungi. The radiation distorts or destroys the structures of their genetic material and prevents the viral particles from making more copies of themselves.

The 254 nm ultraviolet lamp kills bacteria by irradiating and destroying the DNA of microorganisms. The 185nm ultraviolet germicidal lamp can turn oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3) in the air. Ozone has strong oxidation effect, which can effectively kill bacteria.


  • School
  • Apartment
  • Hospital
  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Store
  • Fitness room
  • Healthcare institution



Power: 500W / 750W
UV-C wavelength: 254nm Option: 254nm-185nm
Voltage: 100-277V 50 / 60Hz
Ambient temperature: -30⁰C ~ 100⁰C
Ambient humidity: no limit

Average service life: 50,000 hours (10-20 min)
Short wave radiation: 25,000 µw / cm² (floor area)
Dimensions: 1307x583x487mm
UV-C lamp: 340x200x90mm
Weight: 40 kg

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CAUTION: UV-C light is harmful to eyes and skin and can cause temporary or permanent vision loss and / or temporary acute redness or ulceration. UV-C light must be invisible during use, do not use the UV-C light equipment in a non-insulated application.

Never look directly at the UV-C light while disinfecting the target area. Never touch the lamp with bare hands!

As long as the light is turned off at 254nm, it will not harm human body. Ozone (O3) produced by 185 nm ultraviolet germicidal light can be harmful to the body with prolonged exposure. For that reason, after using a 254nm + 185nm lamp, you should wait some time before re-entering the room. For detailed instructions and the operation of the device, please refer to the manual supplied.

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Wattage 500W, Wattage 750W


254nm, 254nm/185nm


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