Smartphones now also cleaned using UV-C light

The use of UV-C light to disinfect products and areas is becoming more widespread by the day. At consumer level UV-C light is now even used to clean smartphones. The PhoneSoap company has started this. With the help of a small box the size of a glasses case, you can now release your phone bacteria. The inside of the box is equipped with UV lamps. After 10 minutes, the phone is cleaned.

“A fairly high dose of ultraviolet C radiation is certainly effective in killing germs,” ​​says microbiologist professor Xavier Saelens (VIB and UGent). “Direct UVC light breaks down the DNA of living organisms in a way that makes bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms harmless. Coronaviruses are also sensitive to this. Irradiation with ultraviolet light has been a well-known technique for sterilizing medical equipment for more than a hundred years. This has also been used for a long time in the purification of drinking water. ”

At BBM Clean Air Solutions we sell UV-C air recirculation systems, where the air is sucked in with aerosols and then guided through the internal UV-C light and then blown back into the room completely (99.99%) clean. We also sell sterilizing devices that sterilize both rooms and objects. The operation of these devices is even faster than cleaning the phone. Research from the University of Boston has shown that the use of UV-C light kills 99.99% of germs, including the corona virus (COVID-19), within 25 seconds.

Within minutes we can disinfect rooms and everything in them with our devices.

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