American CDC: aerosols are the main cause of coronavirus contamination

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded last weekend that contamination with the corona virus is mainly caused by the spread via small droplets, called aerosols. These tiny droplets travel through the air, infecting other people.

Aerosols are expelled when someone with the coronavirus coughs, laughs, screams, or sings. The same aerosols then enter other people through the nose, mouth, airways, and lungs.

Social distancing
Some specialists indicates that contamination would mainly occur via the large droplets. Because these large drops rarely reach further than 1.5 meters, several countries have recommended this measure of social distancing. Yet, the smaller droplets may travel further than just 1,5 meters.

Ventilate and clean air
Many health experts indicate that aerosols of different sizes can linger in a room for a long time. The more people are in the room, the more aerosols will be created. Ventilating rooms and cleaning the air is therefore always important.

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